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Read what others have to say about their experiences working with Sally Williams, Lori Vardell, Janie Hay to buy or sell their home in Jonesboro. Did you have a great experience working with Sally Williams, Lori Vardell, Janie Hay? We want to hear about it!

"Janie made the purchase process a stress-free breeze. We have the utmost confidence in her abilities and judgement. She went beyond the call of duty to verify our questions and concerns. Great work. Thank you again for all your help Janie!"

- Nate S. 6/12/19

Janie was a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable in her profession. I would highly recommend her for your future real estate needs. Our house sold within 30 days of listing. She was very instrumental in the preparation, listing and selling of our house.

- Barry H. 6/11/18

Lori is knowledgeable and honest. She listed and sold vacation and commercial property for us. She took care of all the details. Always kept us updated - the good and the not so good.

- Homebuyer

Lori is an amazing agent! She goes above and beyond to make sure everything is smooth and stressfree! Not only does she work with you and help you during the process of finding and closing on your dream home but, she also remains in contact throughout the next year making sure everything in your home remains perfect. We are so glad Lori helped us in finding our first home!

- Cortne Young

We contacted Sally to show us houses while we were deciding whether or not to remodel our current home. Sally happily showed us countless properties knowing we might decide not to move. In the end we found our forever home and Sally worked extremely hard on our behalf to make the deal work. Once we had a contract to purchase a new home, Sally was invaluable in assisting us in selling our home. She marketed our home fantastically through flyers at our home, magazine ads, open houses, realtor lunch at our home and networking on Facebook and with agents in the state. We're thrilled to report our old home is sold and we're loving our new forever home! We highly recommend Sally for all of your real estate needs. She went over and beyond to make selling our home and buying our dream home a fantastic experience!

- Elizabeth

Sally Williams is outstanding! As a new family to the community of Jonesboro, she really made us feel welcome and never tired of answering questions or guiding us to get what we needed. Sally a true professional with a warm and charming personality. I strongly recommend working with Sally!

- Mitch

We had just sent a second child off to college and thought, momentarily, that we needed to downsize so we would have more disposable income for travel to see our kids, bring them home, provide for them in their new environs. Sally was enthusiastic about helping us meet this goal. She did an outstanding job of providing comparative market information for our home and, based on the things we told her we must have and our price range, she located many properties for us to see. She advised us about the things that needed to happen with our home to make it optimally marketable and she even provided a reference for someone who could help us get our home ready. Sally was accessible and she apprised us in advance when she wouldn't be available. She is smart and analytical and, clearly, had studied the market. The marketing materials for our home made me not want to leave it. She made my house more appealing to me than I realized. Sally listens well and it wasn't long before she was asking some probing questions that caused us to realize we were not ready to downsize. Sally served our needs in every way. After showing us approximately 10 homes and spending numerous hours with us, Sally realized before we did that the time for us to sell and buy was not right because it wasn't right for us. When we do decide to move to a new home, Sally Williams will be the first Jonesboro REALTOR® we call.

- Lisa

Janie was so helpful and knowledgable about everything we asked about! Will use her next time for sure!

- Wes and Courtney Davis

Janie was fantastic! My husband and I stopped by to look at one of Janie's listings and from the moment she showed us the home we liked her! She was very respectful, understanding, and most importantly not pushy. She was professional and so helpful threw out the entire process. If we ever need a Jonesboro REALTOR® or are asked about someone, we will always tell them Janie Hay!

- Valerie Creasey

My family couldn't have asked for a better realtor than Janie Hay. She was extremely efficient throughout the entire process from day 1. She took us to every property that we asked her to along with properties that she knew would fit our needs. She was very knowledgeable about every aspect of her position and it was apparent that she took pride in making her customers happy. I was expecting for the process to be overwhelming, but Janie was ready for every question we had and answered them accurately every time. If you are looking for an intelligent, prompt, honest realtor to work with then I highly recommend Janie for your real estate needs. She was prompt and professional and very easy to work with. We are very happy with our home and we thank Janie for being there and making things easier than they could have been for us.

- James and Karla Gober

Janie made the experience of buying a home an easy and pleasant one. I couldn't be more pleased with the job she did for us! You can't go wrong in choosing her as an agent.

- Misty Richardson

Janie made the entire home buying experience not only easy, but enjoyable! We had no regrets with our experience! Janie is truly the best!

- Chelsea Rogers

Absolutely fantastic working with Janie she helped us out in so many ways it is too many to mention. The best feedback that I can give her is that I would gladly recommend her to my friends and family without question. As a matter fact I already have....

- Taiwan Estes

Janie was wonderful to work with. She helped me buy my first home as a single parent. I really appreciate how patient and very solicitous she was with me and my daughter. When we came across things I questioned I could trust her answers and if she didn't know she said so and found out for me. She is very enjoyable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She truly worked diligently for me and didn't just try and get me into something so she could get her commission.

- Alicia Beaverson

It was around 6pm when I called Janie desperately asking for her to draft up an offer on a highly competitive house that we were on the verge of losing if we didn't submit an offer in on time. Within a couple of hours we had our offer submitted and around midnight it was accepted! We were super excited but also super nervous because we had to sell our current house, too!

Janie listed our house immediately and had us an offer in our lap within a week! We felt a huge sense of relief to know that we weren't going to be carrying two mortgages. Unfortunately the deal fell through and the buyers walked away. We were devastated! Janie assured us that everything would be ok and she was right! The same day that we signed the termination agreement with the previous buyers, Janie called and had us another offer to review, which we accepted!

Then the buyer's home inspector discovered that we needed a new roof (easily $6,000 or more). Janie suggested contacting our home insurance company which we did and they ended up paying for the whole roof!

Meanwhile the new home we were buying was a model home used by a local home builder. The garage in this home was built as an office and had to be converted back into an actual garage. A new driveway also had to be poured and three huge flag poles had to be removed from the front yard. Janie helped us keep track of all details to make sure nothing was being missed. She even helped us create a punch list of repairs that were needed before closing, all of which the builder completely took care of.

We ended up closing on both properties on the same day!

I could go on and on about everything that Janie did for us but the gist of it is this. Janie will go above and beyond for you. She'll remember that important repair list when you forget it. She'll respond to your messages at all hours. She'll ask the sellers to throw in a smart door lock for you. She'll drive by your house to make sure the garage is being remodeled. She'll even help you find quotes for roof repairs and paint jobs!

We couldn't be happier with our experience with Janie. She can be trusted and depended on.

I would more than happily recommend Jonesboro Select Real Estate to anyone!

- Tony F. 2019

- Tony F.

We worked Lori and she was fabulous!!! She was so prompt and efficient! She cared and you could tell! She was there for ALLLLL my questions and concerns. If I ever move and need to buy or sell a house she will always be my first choice! She cannot be beat!

- Homebuyer 2019

Sally Williams was our realtor. But may we say she was so much more! From the first moment we called her to look at a house we were interested in, she was the most professional, knowledgeable, and hardworking realtor we have ever had! And we have had several in twenty-six moves!! Sally is also warm, caring and the happiest person around when the deal comes together. When the purchase of the first home fell through, she helped us to find an even better home and still close on the original closing date. She handles all the details of the transition and is there to answer questions and support you! We would not hesitate to work with Sally again!! 

Bill and Kathy Skinner

- Bill and Kathy Skinner

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